29 Aug 3D modeling and visualization

Creation of 3d-models involve the development of animation, for prototyping products or their packaging. That is, 3d-modeling and rendering more necessary in the following cases:

-The need to identify the technical and physical parameters of the product to its original design;

-need interior 3d-model.

3D-modeling – fixed part of presentations, technical documentation, and, of course, the basis for the creation of a prototype. One of the advantages of our company – implementation of integrated development of realistic 3d-models from modeling and finishing the prototype. We present a comprehensive development, so you do not have to spend both time and financial resources in search of artists in various fields.

 Stages of work on the 3d-model


1. Modeling / create the geometric model projection

This refers to the development of three-dimensional geometric model. Uses the following methods:

rotations of the object;
-polygonal modeling.

2. Texture object

Realistic model produced is directly proportional to the choice of materials when working on textures. Soft on the development of 3d-graphics has almost unlimited possibilities for creating a real image.

3. Light and observation point

This is one of the most difficult stages throughout development. Because the tone of light, brightness, depth and sharpness of shadows blending a direct impact on the extent to which the schedule is really perceived. Also it has to be the point of observation of the three-dimensional object. As an example, with a bird’s-eye view, or by scaling the space with the effect of the presence in it.

4. Rendering

The final stage in the development of 3d-models. Produced by setting the display detail. Employ such visuals as the glare, fog, lights and the like. If you need a two-dimensional raster graphics, then pick the required format and resolution for images – JPEG, RAW, TIFF.

5. Postproduction

Produced processing of the received images and video editors – Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier Pro (or Final Cut Pro / Sony Vegas), Adobe After Effects Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Wavelab, and others.

Our studio offers a wide range of services for 3d-modeling and visualization. We design 3d models of different types and complexity. On the website you will find examples of work. To make an order, find out the cost of service, or view additional examples of work, need to write to the e-mail info@definline.com or contact a social network.

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