28 Sep Beginners guide: Use of 3D technologies in business

The abundance of various kinds of information often prevents thorough study of the issue. Becomes more complex and technical processes. The primary task is to release high-quality product, which from design to the final stage of the development will be subjected to the least changes.

3D-technology solve this issue, represent objects, interiors and architecture in the visual plane, and help to feel the established reality.

Prospects of development of 3D

Developments in the field of 3D-technology of today – it’s a huge niche for business. They are carried out in many areas and the list updated on a daily basis:

-interior design;


-web design;


-education system;

-computer games;

-show business;



-oil industry.

The leading company in the market of 3D – Autodesk, EON Reality and others. The importance of the introduction of three-dimensional technology testifies to such data in a business environment:

-Using 3D visualization of architectural projects helps to accelerate the work on the building, see the object and equidistant from all parties have a clear understanding of all the elements, and a more detailed present building in space. Three-dimensional image can significantly save both human and financial resources, without losing quality in the process of creating an object.

-3D-animation in the format will be relevant in the field of advertising. If you create a conventional promotional video often requires significant financial investments, then the 3D is not required.

-Three-dimensional reality has become customary in the industry, and gradually penetrate to the home screen with the 3D TV.

-Involved 3D-technology in the field of sales. For example, in retail stores set virtual booth-fitting, where buyer looking at the screen, use one or the other set.

3D-technologies in business

-3D-system with one screen the most common and accessible in price. The main advantage – easy portability and use in many areas.

-Video walls are used kontspeptsiyu line-image. Multimedia displays can be placed in any position regardless of the size. Often, video walls used in advertising and event-field, as well as of computer games, presentations, shows and exhibitions.

-Immersion in virtual reality system assumes under a working space. This is the room in which three-dimensional images projected on the wall to recreate the effect of presence. They can be created individually and in large-scale applications. Used in the entertainment media, scientific and educational.

-Augmented reality has become an integral part of the end of the zero, and continues to evolve rapidly. This system combines the real and virtual elements. It is possible to incorporate already mentioned above, alternative “fitting” or interactive panel with built-in motion detection system.

Augmented reality is widely distributed in mobile games (Pokemon Go), and, in addition, engaged in the technical management of enterprises.

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