22 Feb 5 trends in development of mobile applications in 2017

New year – it’s always a new perspective. And new surprises, which for several years in a row as the mobile applications bring business owners and ordinary users.

In 2017, they are still at the peak of its popularity, but because we have tried to understand what trends will prevail in their development throughout the year.

Applications for small business

If the current year will require the name, you can just write that he will be the year the application for small businesses. In 2016, a host of products at an affordable price. They were able to reduce the total cost for the development of mobile applications, while some studios still require prohibitively high fees for their work.

Small business owners will be able to purchase low-cost but effective application, thus increasing experience with potential customers and revenue, while reducing the cost of expensive mobile products.

Augmented reality in business area

Until recently, the augmented reality associated only with entertainment. Now, in addition to a beautiful cover, with the help of this technology, it is possible to manage the workflow within the company. An example is the work on the product for which you can use one of the tools for augmented reality.

You can move the model and manage outside software. Augmented reality is akin to transformers: it is possible to change the space, adding another non-existing items. In the business environment, such applications are likely to become in high demand, as are optimized business processes.

Demand for IoT applications

More and more devices interact with the Internet. The term “internet of things” is now included not only a smartphone, computer, laptop, and household items completely. One example – internet-toaster. But each of the devices is necessary for the application of remote control.

For cars there is a lock application / release at the distance. In addition, you can check whether you left the food in the refrigerator, and whether to include the oven soon. A number of devices with applications necessary for them to push mobile boom and the further spread of the phenomenon of “IoT”.

Problems of Mobile Security 

No matter how much we did not use applications and mobile wallets, data security, they are permanently compromised. Although viruses on smartphones less dangerous than on computers, the risk is still great. In 2017, developers are among the major problems in the first place put the mobile security, and actively looking for solutions medoty.

Some of them put forward the idea of ​​a remote data management, through which it will be possible to erase all information if the device is stolen or lost. Others propose to increase the protection standards in order to identify the hackers took place more quickly.

Location-based services

This trend began to emerge back in 2016, when people began to receive messages and newsletter, on the basis of where are. Most likely, in 2017 it will be further strengthened, becoming more persuasive. For example, a buyer can get notified about current products or discounts, while at the store. It saves time and is unlikely to leave without attention to the tempting offer.

Some of the mobile applications use location to notify users who are on a journey, they came to any museum, restaurant or theater, thereby encouraging him to visit. That is, even when a person is on vacation, the application continues to interact with it, improving the user experience.

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