27 Oct 5 ways of using virtual reality

Technology of virtual reality, which appeared at the end of the twentieth century was largely crude, but certainly innovative. The first games were VR-test and could not offer new sensations. It did not take seriously the virtual reality and other industries.

But because of the strong technological revolution VR-unit returning to service. In addition, not only in the gaming industry, but also a wide variety of industries. We bring you the top 5 opportunities to use virtual reality.

Sphere of criminalistics


In some cases, the jury may not be present at the crime scene, so based only on a photo / video of the incident. But scientists from the British research team began to work on the project of a virtual reality system that could be analogous to the usual equipment for the examination of evidence.

In University of Saffordshir actively testing various platforms of virtual reality, which include those that are used in gaming industry.

The basic idea is that by using lasers scanned the scene or recorded video (with compact drone). Based on these data, you can create a three-dimensional space, where you can stay without hitting investigative evidence.



To date, one of the most unique designs – automatic virtual environment (CAVE). It is represented in the form of a square-shaped room where each wall – a three-dimensional projection screen. The man in this room must be special glasses, and explore 3D objects from different angles.

The interesting thing is that this technology has already been involved in the automotive industry. So, Ford uses physical prototypes of machines, imposing on them virtual. This solution is more than rational, do not need to spend extra money to create physical objects. Besides, inadequate design of the car is much easier to fix.

Ford Designers maintain, that using virtual reality they were able to avoid mistakes in the design of the latest automotive products.



According some reports, Montreal Neurological Institute could be start to produce the most qualified professionals. The reason is that teachers of this institution is used in the classroom neurosurgical simulator NeuroTouch Cranio, which helps students who have little experience behind them, work skills and not be afraid for the life of the patient.

The basis for the creation of the simulator became sad statistic is based on errors of Canadian surgeons during operations. NeuroTouch Cranio analyzes the quality of the operations, providing recommendations to improve the students’ skills, and assess whether a person has a tendency to become a neurosurgeon.

In addition, the system has a function by which you can see if the student is willing to stressful situations during operations or not.

Advertising services


Internet advertising opportunities translated into “new direction.” She began to appear more often and in a more persuasive manner. That is why most people go to various tricks to abandon it. However, advertisers believe that virtual reality can affect the perception of advertising (as an option, people interested).

One of the first companies that decided to use the potential of virtual reality, became Google. She presented Cardboard glasses with stereoscopic lenses that can be used as a simple and inexpensive way to view VR-rollers.
Interested possibilities of virtual reality BMW and Volvo. Car companies provide the ability to test virtual models of their new cars.

The fashion industry also does not remain on the sidelines. Hugo Boss and Dior presented their new advertising campaign, in which the presence of a virtual reality “moves” people in the fashion shows, right from home.


Game “engines” – a creative base upon which the designers, developing new game worlds. Often such engines lay information about the real characteristics of physical objects, motor and mechanical processes. One of the most popular engines, which we recently wrote, is the Unreal Engine. He was introduced almost 20 years ago (1998) companies Epic Games for game “Unreal”.

The latest version of Unreal Engine supports ability virtual reality. In consequence of which he became in great demand among architects. Many of them expressed the view that it is a move to “a new level of structural design.”

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