29 Jun A Complete guide to create a prototype of mobile application

Big success always starts with the first step. This rule can be easily attributed to the work on the design of mobile applications.

You want to leave a mark in the design world, changing people’s lives? Or find an idea that will put your business on a new stage of development?

In either case, you need to know exactly how your application will be carefully considered and future design. Of course, developers can offer a variety of options / application interface templates. But the client can put a clear challenge to the design team, in what line should submit the application view.

In this article we’ll show you how you can create an interesting design and develop a prototype for a mobile product without a huge reserve of knowledge and experience in this area.

Visualization of ideas

Create app for a smartphone , without using those, you can, but there is one important moment. The more active you are using a mobile device, constantly testing a variety of new items, the easier it is to understand the basic needs of other users.

The accumulated knowledge will help to find out how to be a mobile product, had the opportunity to interface and features that will meet the needs of the target audience.

Try to draw on paper, the structure of the user’s actions with the application. Start with the first step (product launch) and to close it.

Shall describe the purpose for which you are creating a new application, and what is its potential advantages over similar products. There are special tools that help recreate a hierarchy in the application, indicating the logical chain between multiple screens. We recommend you visit Mimdmup program.

Have a clear understanding idea of your mobile product – a basis the process, but to look for inspiration in the work of other developers could and should be. Most modern designers have sites with portfolio, as well as a web page, where they find interesting ideas for new projects.

Here are some of these resources:




-Inspired UI;



May prove useful Google Play Market and ITunes Store. If you are working on an application from the segment, are widely represented on these platforms, the detailed testing of competitors products will help you to leave them far behind, and at the same time to improve your product.

Create of the  sketches 

Inspiration and the presence of creative ideas – necessary things. The next stage – embodiment of your thoughts on paper. No, we have not forgotten about the existence of technologies that can be used to create sketches on a smartphone, tablet or PC. But a clean sheet and pen (pencil) are still the best way to give free rein to their imagination and put the project into practice.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes while working on a paper sketch. Repair parts or completely redraw it is much easier than to create an electronic version, where each mistake takes you back to the beginning of the work.

It is important to remember that a sketch and a prototype have fundamental differences. The first – a rough model of the application, rather than a graphical user interface. Create of sketches includes only the base, detail is not required. It is best to make several of the prototype variants. Working with sketches gives you creative freedom, so why not take advantage of it?

Sketches can be drawn at home, while traveling in the truck, or a nearby cafe. This occupation is much more effective than many hours of procrastination in the monitor. Moreover, the paper sketches easily be digitized, ie converted into electronic form.

Digital version

A further point in the development of a prototype – design frame UX. This is the rod of your application, arising out of earlier drafts. It involves the transition from a paper version of the work programs.

To simplify this process, there is a POP tool. Its advantage is that it handles the sketch and digitization. It is necessary to take a picture of your outline, and then the program will present them as a realistic application prototypes. More details about the POP can be found by clicking the link.

You can also create a framework, using the application (digital album) Sketchpads by POP. It works with Apple and Android devices, and is very easily and quickly displays painted earlier prototypes for the application.

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