05 Nov A gabled house in Japan

Japanese architect Hirosi Nakamura and his NAP studio have developed the house in a picturesque forest of prefecture of Totigi for loving the nature and gardening couple, who wanted their residence to become a life embodiment in the wild nature very much.

Looking forward to keep as much as possible a natural situation, all volumes were placed on the existing rough relief, and the gabled design of a roof allowed to unite spaces, having slightly covered, as if a hood, big triangular windows, which look out to the forest. “We avoided large-scale construction works and cutting down a large number of trees, having constructed volumes on equal sites of a surface as if having sewed them together”, – explained architects.

The house was slightly raised over the ground, to not obstruct insects movement and also to reduce humidity influence. The flor inside is made from light wood, high ceilings are painted in bright white color. Various height of a ceiling, where the maximum height reaches eight meters, and minimum only two and a half, allows to lower costs of heating and conditioning.

Besides, high ceilings allow air to circulate, and large triangular windows maximize the amount of sunlight, since the most of the building is in the shadow under trees.

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