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Augmented Reality. What is it?

Картинки по запросу handheld display augmented reality

Augmented Reality technology increases the area of ​​information perceived by the person. This “increase” – is the result of the transfer of digital data in real life. Formed augmented reality via smartphones, web cameras or any device that supports a video signal.

Applications developed for this technology adds to the basic image of the virtual objects. The elements of augmented reality can be 3D models, audio / video, or text content filling.

The difference between the virtual and augmented reality lies in the fact that the second is trying to fully embrace the world, and the first only deepen people’s understanding of the processes that take place around.

How and where augmented reality is used?

  • Google Glass

Картинки по запросу Google Glass

These glasses – one of the novelties of the world-famous company. Many expect that the technology involved in the development of glasses, will allow everyone who wants to use the possibilities of augmented reality. Here is one example where Google Glass have been used.

Hotel Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine (Spain) bought about 10 pairs of glasses, which are used for excursions. In addition, visitors have access to information about the spa and the local institutions.

  • Skully AR-1 – helmet augmented reality

Картинки по запросу Skully AR-1

Augmented reality has been applied and a helmet for motorcyclists. It is an augmented reality system, which transmits data on the location of the built-in screen.

AR-1 helmet provides a wide viewing angle (180 degrees) of the background due to the built-in camera in the helmet located at the back. In addition to the navigation and panoramic view, the helmet can be synchronized with your smartphone to access the network or listen to music.

  • SpaceGlasses META.01

This is yet another augmented reality glasses, that is, Google Glass direct competitors. The device located the infrared camera to detect motion.

Augmented reality in applications

With the latest technology, with the help of augmented reality can develop programs for mobile devices.

  •  LAYER – Browser augmented reality

This application, based on the base of augmented reality, one of the most efficient and effective. Using a smartphone or tablet camera, the layers can be applied in the application, allowing to navigate in a given area. Browser helps identify the desired object, whether it is a shop, cafe or transport stop. Camera Cycled in the application will determine the required user space, and. moreover, pave the path for the virtual camera.

  • Virtual fitting ARTOUCHER

Картинки по запросу ARTOUCHER

One example is the introduction of augmented reality – a virtual fitting rooms. This technology can even the longest shopping “revive” with no problems. The camera determines the body of people and their faces, and augmented reality will create a 3-D copies of things, based on the parameters of shapes.

Job applications are continuously linked to gestures, so in just a few minutes you can try on a few “images” and share them on social networks.

  • Program for visualization 3D objects – Augment

The app is available for iOS, and Android, and visually represents the model in augmented reality. This occurs in the full scale and real time. With Augment can increase the growth of product sales as well as improve the appearance vizulny prints.

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