14 Apr Apartments in the building of the XVIII century in Portugal

The Portuguese capital Lisbon is a beautiful modern apartment in the lower part of the building built in the XVIII century, which stands on a hill between the medieval castle and the Romanesque cathedral. Stylish update areas of the ground floor and adjacent areas was performed Bureau Aires Mateus Arquitectos.

In addition to the actual spatial planning interiors, furniture and new window openings concise much attention has been paid to the garden, with views over the rooftops of one of the central areas of Baixa and the river. Internal devices unconventional spaces, rooms next to each other, and there is practically no corridors.

A particular success for the architects was the unexpected discovery of the tank space, which will create additional meters of living space in the precious cool. style interior is quite simple, which is associated with the need to preserve the historical appearance. To equip the rooms pieces of furniture made of solid wood were selected, bright surface and white pillows, modern art and different breeds of natural stone, which is visually almost merge with the overall color of the house.

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