08 Jun Bar LoggerHead in Kiev

Bar LoggerHead in Kiev is the work of architects YOD Design Lab studio. It is located in the heart of the city, but has no signs or attracting remarkable facade. On the contrary, the house is hidden in the dark courtyard of the unmarked metal door in the transformer vault. And in order to get in you need to ring the bell – the factory switch. More it was built building itself in 1886 and belonged to a well-known merchant and philanthropist Jacob Berner, whose initials attentive guest will notice on the brick in thick walls.

The concept of establishment, as well as its location, fully defined the character of the interior. To keep the spirit of the historic space of 120 square meters, it was decided to leave the most pristine space. Spreading some visual accents, we make a bet on the authenticity of the structures, bar art and jazz music. Dome vaults premises remained intact. They form the character of the institution and connect guests with the history of this place. For the metal cap on the perimeter of the room hidden amber lights. This solution helped to identify the structure of the brickwork of the XIX century.

Soft “honey” light floods the walls, intriguing, creates the mood and relaxes. LoggerHead soul – is, of course, the contact bar, located in the center. As soon as a guest walks into a bar, right down the stairs he encounters an open process of mixology. In the hall with a stage on the weekends always plays jazz and jazz character places emphasize copyrights lamps in the form of microphones, designed in collaboration with designer Andrew dumplings.

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