20 Dec Beginner guide: platform for Virtual Reality

Recent trends in the world of computer technology suggest that virtual reality strongly reinforced in our lives. Helmets, gaming consoles, joysticks and other soup serve human immersion in the gaming reality. In addition, virtual reality could find its application in other areas. In consequence, many companies are closely involved in developments in this area.

We already wrote about virtual reality helmets, but not limited to conquer technology markets. For a broader perception of virtual reality platform was developed. We will understand how it functions.

There are a number of characteristics that give an idea of ​​the platform:

-not to work without glasses or helmet;

-allows to imitate human movement;

-creates projection of the real action in the virtual plane.

How does the VR platform?

The platform consists of several equipments. Also devaysa on which the man in a helmet and performs the action, on the contrary it is equipment with sensors that monitor movement. For floor covering is connected a plurality of sensors that monitor the user with precision movement.

The cost of the platform is much more expensive than virtual reality goggles. This is due to the use of more expensive materials and technologies. And one small addition, if a helmet and goggles can be used without a platform, on the contrary are much more problematic. The efficiency of device will depend on the choice of the model, the number of which is growing from day to day

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