31 Aug Office Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte in Netherlands

William McDonough + Partners Architectural Bureau in conjunction with the D / DOCK worked on the design of the office Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte (B / S / H /) in the city Hufdorp, Netherlands. The main feature of the project is the central atrium four stories high. It is decorated with green wall in the living plants, which integrates office space. On environmental and sustainability also speak photovoltaic panels on the roof, accumulating solar energy.


Office interior B / S / H / very quiet and boasting, and all thanks to optimal lighting, tactile materials, soft colors and flexible design elements. Open space is represented not only study, but also a restaurant, bar, classrooms, culinary school, where the company’s employees and their customers can conduct both formal and informal meetings, and just relax.

The first two floors of the building takes an experienced center Inspiratiehuis 20l20, where all brands are reserved for them showrooms where open public access. Work platforms occupy the top two levels, they are divided into zones with flexible use of furniture and layout. In the center of each block is leadership.

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