10 Nov Cardboard camera from the design studio Oupas


The company “Oupas” – the three girls, who are in love with design, which can make their own hands with a pencil, a ruler and scissors. By the way, the girls in the studio has its inspirer – cat Tobias. It would seem, well, who needs a cardboard model, where you can order, for example, the name of your company logo in the plastic? And then this is the logo attached at the reception office. Paper is ephemeral, like the 3D model is easy to spoil.

But they still managed to find her, as they say, “businessmen” niche. Their works have a very low cost price materials are environmentally friendly and recyclable, in addition, cardboard is quite flexible in terms of use. For example, in 2015 they created a scene for the festival – was a metal frame, a wooden catwalk. To highlight certain parts of the scene used LED Strip, which heat the material is simply not physically able, all form and decoration of the scene was made of cardboard. After the event, the scene was easy to clean.

To demonstrate its capabilities girls even created a project carton (full) room, which was shown in a museum in Zurich in 2014. The project required a titanic patience – a 12-meter small room has got not only furniture, but also equipment, cutlery, house plants and even insects. Detailing at a high level.

We would like to show you a one of the projects the studio – series camera out of cardboard. More work on their official website http://oupasdesign.com/works/





(Zenit-E, Polaroid 1000, Diana F+)





  • Mindy
    Posted at 11:09h, 18 February Reply

    So true! This reminds me of a cidlhren’s picture book my son has, This is Not a Box. It was a gift from my sister-in-law (who must have played with boxes as a young child)! Thanks for your comments on my I’m so Not Crafty blog post!

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