06 Mar Casa Redux: modern house by Marcio Kogan

Designed by Studio mk27 and built in 2013. The house Casa Redux in Sao Paulo – it really is breathtaking contribution to modern residential architecture. The architectural and design firm Studio mk27, headed by Marcio Kogan, created this home from start to finish.

Engineered design with clean lines and captivating views of the textured concrete walls, is embodied in the life of a textbook for students. As with any project, the architectural team had to start this project, focusing on the natural environment of the earth. They decided to build a house on the highest point of the site, giving residents a complete, stunning views of the beautiful Brazilian sunsets and surrounding natural landscapes in the gated community of Quinta da-Baroneza.

Perhaps the most noticeable visual cue on the exclusivity of the house are double slab floor and the ceiling, forming a kind of sandwich with large panes of glass. These specific parts of the building with a raised floor 50 centimeters create a visual image of the building, hovering above the ground.

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