01 Feb Complex “Two Moons” in Korea

Studio Moonbalsso, founded in 2001 by architect Moon Hoon has completed work on a multifunctional complex “Two Moons”, consisting of two buildings connected by a single plot. Selected for the construction site is located not far from the Korean city of Ilsan.

The design concept, as well as the name of the complex, taken from the film “Two Moon Junction”. The project is a private cultural center with a gallery and coffeeshop, as well as rooms for rent – free and to some extent even the space filled with eroticism, with a fun and relaxed atmosphere holiday.

Building integrated central sphere, as if “taken out” of the main volume, which has become the main symbol of the lunar theme. One of its parts Add balcony, another horizontal incision is made. Uneven surface and move into the building, creating spaces with protuberances of the walls and vaults.

On the upper floors of buildings designed gardens surrounded by high walls with openings, which gives the complex great lightness and transparency as compared to the severe environmental architecture.

Buildings domed Pantheon, and the walls at the level of the third floor are decorated with zodiac signs horoscopes customers – it all again returns to the symbolic space of the heavenly bodies.

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