30 Nov Design loft: common mistakes and their solution

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About lofts, someone beloved, who is already bored, says a lot. In various publications can often find articles with headlines: “What is the loft?”, “How to diversify it, and who directed?”. But we decided to do otherwise, and talk about some of the mistakes that allowed during the design of such facilities. We hope that this article will be useful for you.

1. Sophisticated disposition of space



Loft – a vivid example of the opportunities for self-expression and realization of unusual designs. Therefore, processing such an interior, it is important to remember that difficult, but a familiar layout, implies a division into the room with the help of massive walls and doors, “kills” the original idea of ​​”free” space.

If you still want to isolate, for example, the bedroom, you can use alternatives. Glass and metal partitions, zoning by various objects: screens, furniture. These simple devices will be able to maintain the integrity of the loft, and at the same time does not turn into a standard room, which he was clearly not intended.

2. Jumble of details



Excessive use of paint decoration, not every interior. And if it comes to the loft, it is necessary to consider that it tends to be minimalist tendencies. Pile of items only spoil the impression, so it’s important to remember the harmonious arrangement of things.

If you like collecting figurines or souvenirs to bring not arrange them around the room. Where they will look more appropriate in small decorative boxes or high cabinet. Last can replace a lot of shelves and cabinets, and saves space in the room. Posters, photographs, paintings place at eye level, and limit their small number. Otherwise, they will interfere with the wrong location of the visual perception of space loft. A key feature of loft – outdoor or quasi-wall, the use of non-standard finish, open pipeline system.

3. Mixture of styles



The lofts are often combines old (wooden floors, brick or plaster walls) and modern (the use of metal and glass constructions). In addition, designers like to add to the design of these spaces and the elements of other styles, but the main thing is not to overdo it. It is ridiculous in the loft will look oriental motifs, country or empire. Do not lose relevance, and, already mentioned above, minimalism, which “can be diluted with” objects vintage and unusual designer products. Loft acquire features of eclecticism that, in fact, is its original task.

4. No plastic windows!



The main “highlight” of the room – this window is much different in size from the standard. Consider yourself lucky if their frames are made of metal or wood. They will be able to give the loft atmosphere of authenticity. But just want to warn of a small, but quite solvable problem: the windows with old frames may allow air or look unsightly. Therefore, it is better to refer to the restorers, who will be able to give them the proper form.

It is not recommended to replace them at the windows of white plastic. This solution is more suitable for offices and public institutions.

5. The presence of the “wrong” blinds and curtains



It is generally accepted that in the loft interiors no curtains or curtains on the windows. And their massive size look much more interesting than staying open. But if you do not like publicity, notice the tall shutters in dark colors or monochrome shades (black / gray / brown) with no patterns.

Pelmets, colorful details, pastel or bright colors more suitable for apartments and country cottages, which comes to the fore in a family atmosphere. Lofts also carry a “rebellious” spirit and are not used to restrictions.

6. Artificial materials



And forget about the use of synthetic materials in such spaces! Most people tend to think “stereotypes”, so try to “dignify” the loft – repainted or paste over the wall, replace the floor, trying to fit everything under generally accepted and in some shovels standards. Urban interior all contraindicated.

Bright accents in the form of a carpet with an unusual pattern or poster on one wall – those minor changes that will not harm the primordial spirit of the loft.

  • Mohamed
    Posted at 08:46h, 18 February Reply

    This is my favorite type of arccitehture. When organic meets sustainable design it has a beautiful result. I love that instead of removing the original structure to create the new, they incorporated them together. Great find.

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