07 Nov “The Edison” – a restaurant in the style of steampunk


People are more tired of boring decorated rooms, and therefore it is not surprising, that such styles as art deco and steampunk again popular.

Restaurant “Edison”, just offers visitors get into the spirit of steampunk. Located restaurant in the center of Los Angeles, in the former building of the first private power station of the city. The restaurant is a strong steampunk Union of refined industrial architecture and elegant decoration in Art Deco.


To get into the “Edison” must descend the grand staircase to the basement of a historic building. Directly opposite the stairs with a stunning coal furnace plant.


The atmosphere of the restaurant amazing, every detail of the interior is impregnated with the idea of steampunk. A large number of secluded areas with the telling name – The Tesla Lounge, The Lab, The Generator Lounge can accommodate 330 people. Incidentally, the face-control at the entrance to the “Edison” is very strict – if not dressed for the dress code will not miss at any price.



Everywhere is a luxury, “antique” furniture and stylized lighting. The ceilings of the former industrial buildings is very high, which allowed to install the projector to show silent movies.


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