25 Jan Futuristic tower in Tallinn

Old building carpentry workshop, located in the Rotermanni district of Tallinn, redesigned by Koko architects, it became one of the most daring and unusual projects in the area.


Compact pedestrian quarter is significant for Estonian architecture and urban design: the house of the XIX century, many of which are only to be restored, side by side with the modern facilities of high quality. Here are apartments, offices, housing, shops and restaurants are open.


Three techno-futuristic towers that architects decided to add to the old limestone building, is a reference to the industrial architecture of the last century. This decision came as a result of the desire to avoid damage to the historic walls of the expansion space. Concrete foundations placed on localized piles provide full autonomy volumes.

The two lower floors are given a commercial and service area, and three new vertical volume placed on the central axis of the old building, provided space for offices. At night, the towers are illuminated and clearly visible even outside the district.


Estonian architectural studio project attracted the attention of the international professional community, and in 2009 was nominated for the prize of the European Union for modern architecture (the prize Mies van der Rohe).


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