30 Jul Design Hotel Chic & Basic Ramblas in Barcelona

Chic & Basic Ramblas Hotel is located in an old building in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Restoration works and interior decoration took place in two stages, in 2009, were completed three of six floors, but the project was fully commissioned only in 2012. The first time he saw the old hotel building, architects Lagranja Design immediately recalled the period 60-70-ies, when only the emergence of tourism occurred.

This formed the basis of the design concept, to the embodiment of which, incidentally, was laid a very small budget. As a result, the hotel’s interior impresses with its versatility and creative design elements.

Each room is decorated in different colors, to hang doors themed posters, furniture is made specifically for the project, in the lobby there was an old car, and the front desk is a collection of suitcases.

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