09 Apr Loft jeweler in Italy

Workshop of b-arch presented a draft of a residential area in the city of Prato, Italy. Originally, this apartment was the attic of the eighteenth century palace owned by the family textile manufacturer, and as was the custom at the time, the attic was used as a human. The new owner, a successful jeweler, with the help of the workshop Architects b-arch made him his loft.


The main idea of ​​the project was to create a light and open spaces, in which the overall white color would serve as a frame for expressive vintage furniture, which would enrich the interior of the historical references and colored details. Premises day special zone painted with lime paints, handmade Tuscan craftsmen, as it did in the old days. The house is filled with unusual pieces of furniture – for example, in the living room is a green iron chest of drawers for printing found on the Tuscan flea market, antique chests are benches, technical lamps are designed for photographic studios, designer chairs upholstered in linen decorated with original cushions Cuscimilitary, made of Swiss military blankets Rugged Flanelle brand wool.


The bedroom rare card thirties visually replaces the head. Originality touched and bathrooms, pasted black-and-white wallpaper in vertical stripes resembling a barcode, which is hanging cupboard with a red cross ambulance. French lamp Jielde – a real antique jewelry and boxes of ice-cream are holders of towels. In this project, the furniture is an integral part of the building.



Everything – from the high-end design objects to works of craft workshops and findings from various flea markets in Europe – and creates a particularly vivid picture of the emotional, unique image of the loft.



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