31 Jan Museum of the Bauhaus in Dessau

International architectural studio penda proposed project transformed the building of the new museum in the center of the Dessau Bauhaus.

With its creation, the authors relied on the style description given by Walter Gropius: “Just perfect harmony in the technical features and proportions of the form can create beauty.” It was decided to develop a building that would respond to environmental conditions and change with them.

Located within the park, the museum will be the point of intersection of important routes and species axis. “Our goal was to create a museum, which will be the expansion of the city, on the one hand, and will connect the urban environment of the park – the other” – says the architect.

The building has a fine horizontal structure with two types of spaces. On the upper level there is the exhibition space and on the ground floor there are public spaces, including a number of lobby space for various events, museum shop and a cafe. These areas are located in two cuboids are installed on a rotating platform.

Due to the transformation of the building can serve as a gateway to the bustling park or when the people in it are not very many (for example, at night or in the winter), to minimize the empty and dark space, inviting visitors into a bright and elegant rooms of the museum.

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