23 Aug Nobis Hotel in Stockholm

Nobis Hotel is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Above its design the architects Claesson Koivisto Rune studio. Before them was a challenge to create a modern atmosphere in the framework of the classical facade of the XIX century. Every detail has earned the closest attention.

The result is a harmonious combination of different styles within a single project. Extravagant Gold Bar 24/7 replaced by French-style bistro, located next to Italian Trattoria Caina, and she opposed a relaxation area with marble floors and a conference room with wooden paneling. Despite these obvious differences in the nature of each space flows seamlessly into the next, subject to a single design concept.

The color scheme and lighting design are made in a warm and muted tones. Architects call this style “Nordic Light Brown dark.” Except in rare design elements, such as front desk, inherited “in succession”, most of the furniture and lighting have been made specially for this project. Final assembly represented 170 individual designs that are perfectly combined with each other.

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