01 Oct Beginners guide: Oculus Rift

In 2013, in sale of virtual reality goggles – Oculus Rift. The creators of this invention – Palmer Lucky (military engineer) and John Carmack (founder of Wolfenstein, DOOM and Quake).

The history of occurrence

Lucky held the post of engineer in ICT MxR lab, which originally involved in the creation of virtual reality glasses for the US Army. But Palmer was interested not only in the professional development: it was a collection of various points of virtual reality, and he headed one of the most popular thematic MTBS forums.

There is online Palmer spoke about the idea of ​​development points to a wide viewing angle, great speed of reaction, and acceptable price. There you met him and John Carmack, and tested in the trial version of Oculus Rift. The result pleased him, and he was in every way to help in the implementation of the project.

Advantages Oculus

• Oculus has a three-dimensional image.

• The device instantly responds to movements.

• Many developers of 3D games are preparing projects for the Oculus.

• Rift already involve Doom 4, Doom 3: BFG Edition, Team Fortress 2 and others.

• The creators promise to make device Oculus financially accessible for fans of 3D games.

Currently for sale is presented for the second helmet Oculus Rift DK2. The final version will be presented to the public at the end of 2016.

Features Oculus Rift

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Wide viewing angle

Overview – this is one of the most important factors for a virtual reality helmet. The wider angle of visibility, the deeper the immersion takes place in a different reality. But if a small field of view, you will see the world as through a glass binoculars. It has an image, but does not feel the effect of presence. The Oculus Rift is practically no boundaries: visibility is not only at the edges (the same feeling when you wear a hat).

The response to the head movement

While competitors are just going to implement this technology, and offer to turn to press the button or move the mouse, Oculus goes a step further: you have only to turn his head and helmet will react to it.

Security for the eyes with the Oculus Rift

Another trait that characterizes the positive Oculus – safe wearing. That is, the device does not cause fatigue to the eye even after extended wear. The reason is that wearing a helmet is not a constant focus, but there Rasfokus on various objects at any distance. Therefore, the pupils are not under constant stress and perceive the world around us in life.

Three-dimensional image with the technology side-by-side

3D effect is similar to stereo sound. If different sounds in different 3D image in the second ears served. To my eyes perceive the image uniform, used Frame Packing technology, as one of the most popular. But it has one drawback: the screen shots appear randomly, but shares the vision frames for the right and left eye. That is, given a partial effect in cinemas, where often there are excessive flicker and deformed objects.

Rift used another method – side-by-side. That is, in Oculus eye has a special screen, as in the headphones. The technology is not simple, but the effect of three-dimensional image more realistic and deep.

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