07 Nov Office in the style of Alice in Wonderland


The studio Peldon Rose has serious plans to become a leader in the interior design business line in London. At the moment, they have developed, finalized and issued about 70 office spaces from small to large (several offices occupy several floors in expensive business centers in the city center). And, if judged solely on their completed projects, desirable to mark that company is very rapidly and steadily moving to their goal.


One of the most famous companies in the world – Google – in 2011 entrusted the studio Peldon Rose design its London office with a small patio. Remarkably, in the execution of the entire project took only 6 weeks, even by the standards of a light decor without major construction work – express mode.

The main problem of any design – it is rapidly becoming obsolete, and even a couple of years new-fangled ‘stuff’ and materials appear irrelevant. Projects Peldon Rose all office interiors are very unusual and long retain their immediacy.

Studio has designed over 3000 square meters of space in the style of the history of “Alice in Wonderland”.

At the reception, visitors are greeted by Alice, which is placed in the interior of only half. Rack is made up of seven huge white books.



Meeting rooms are decorated in the style of separate parts of the story in which Alice visited. For example, there is a meeting room, that creates the overall impression, that a half hour before it was carried out tea party Mad Hatter. The corridors are huge glossy white rabbits, in some rooms you can sit on a chair with rabbit ears. And what to say about the overall color gamut – studio design very accurately conveys the spirit of “Alice”, but all the way done it differently. The interior received both modern and thematically interesting.





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