22 Sep Opportunities of the 3d printer

History of the emergence 3D printer has about three decades, but the fame they had not so long ago. The reason for this kind of “oblivion” – initial slowness of the device and the high price. But today came into use as a low-end models, and improved, with better performance.

The principle of 3d printer

In order to obtain an object must be placed in the device specific parameters by additional programs. Based on these data, the printer will reproduce the desired product, going from the base to the three-dimensional shape.
Features 3D printers
The active involvement of 3D printers in daily life – a result of rapid technological progress. Features of these units are great and their border is only in your head.Cycling printer can recreate almost any subject. A nice bonus is that the created object will be of the highest quality and detail.

It is worth noting that the latest 3D printers can process different raw materials. It is therefore possible to their zaydestvovat in various industries. At the moment, for 3D printers are suitable such materials:

- metal powders;
-products for baking;

-building materials (gypsum, cement);

-glass powder;;

-products made of plastic;

-poliuretan and soft rubber.

As already mentioned, 3D printers are widely used in various fields. For example, in the automotive industry, which is based on 3D models created the necessary prototypes detail. As well as in the confectionery industry, design, in the medical field, and many others.
Creating 3D prototypes
Ten years ago, work on the creation of three-dimensional model is a time-consuming and costly exercise. But today even the simplest printer with a minimum of functions can recreate a complete three-dimensional model with a resolution of 100 microns. And if earlier in this process has been actively involved people, but now his participation is reduced to a minimum. The resulting product will be an exact replica of the model.
Design and printing of complex objects
3D printers are successfully used to develop the following in the following areas:
-Private Orthodontics. Tweet Align Techology for several years the practice of using stereolithography for the production of dental braces.
-Hearing Aids. Siemens’ developers create customized hearing devices, based on the scanned images of ears.
-Create aircraft parts. The work on the F-18 is used tubes that are printed on a 3D printer.
Картинки по запросу 3д принтер в медицине

3D Printers and medicine


As we mentioned above, using the printer, you can create models of dentures. But the surgeons who work on organ transplantation, hoping that it will soon be able to get their (bodies) for the essentials. Their hopes may well become a reality, as is already the first bioprinter created. He is endowed with the same features as the 3D printer, but extends cell clusters, which recreates the alloy integral structure instead of polymer droplets.
3D printers in the food industry
In the US, scientists from Cornell University introduced the latest development of printing hydrocolloids, with which in the near future it will be possible to print a variety of products. And although there is talk only about the simulation of dishes with gelatin and food additives E415, but there are some models of printers that can print real chocolate products. Futurists say that after a couple of decades in the sale of food supplements only cartridges will arrive, and food will be prepared at home.
Prospects for 3D printing
Картинки по запросу возможности 3д принтера
Most scientists portend a rapid transition to the era of 3D printing, which will lead to global changes in society. Three-dimensional printing can become an active push to the autonomy of homes and human needs. In consequence, the only link with the outside world will be the purchase of materials for 3D printers.
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