11 Mar Oslo Opera House

The idea of the construction of the Opera House in Oslo, was first announced in the late XIX century. However, only in 1999, after the debate on the national level, the Norwegian Government has determined the place of the future of the theater – Bjørvika peninsula in the heart of the Norwegian capital.



Construction work is accompanied by archaeologists. Since the place was the location of the opera house before the sea floor and has a high probability of finding the laying of the foundation of the once sunken boats and ships.

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In 2008, the opera house in Oslo received an award at the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona. In this case the jury noted the theater not only as a building, outstanding in architectural terms, but also as a very popular subject among residents and tourists Oslo. In 2009 the theater was awarded the Prize Mies European Union van der Rohe for the best architectural work.

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