21 Jan Post-apocalyptic hotel in Hong Kong

In the eastern part of the park “Victory” in Hong Kong has opened a boutique hotel Tuve, designed based on the works of photographer Kim Holtermanda – basically he shoots misty black and white landscapes, and “post-apocalyptic” cityscapes, and the rest of the works in the Danish police expert on prints fingers.


At a meeting to architects Design Systems has come up with a series of customer Holtermanda Tuve, which the Danish photographer has removed one of the Swiss Lakes. They are all the same – branded cold, darkness and loneliness. It is such a harsh environment hotelier asked to create a five-star hotel, which even gave the same name.




As a guideline, Hong Kong bureau has chosen the creativity of uncompromising minimalism – the fashion designer Rick Owens and architect Tadao Ando. Unusual concept is largely defined and a set of materials that they decided to work – textured concrete, gray marble, galvanized steel, copper and oxidized pitted rust metal. In a single harmony all together has reduced lighting, the universal language of design, spectacular experiments which soften the inner postapokalipsis, making it not such a hopeless.



The situation is almost completely designers Design Systems have designed themselves. Besides beds, bedside tables, lamps and chairs there are subjects that deserve special attention. For example, a compact “box”, which is to open it, is a system of writing table, a chair and a mini-bar with all necessary not only to eat and drink, but also to ensure that, as an option, make yourself at night tea.




The caller minimalist space Tuve architects call a “new luxury”. Overnight in any of the 66 rooms boutique hotel is really expensive, but it is consistent with the number of stars and an interesting experience.

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