29 Jun Private residence Westgate in California

Private Residence Westgate is located in Brentwood California, USA. Built in 1948, it was completely renovated studio Kurt Krueger Architect using modern materials. The architects have changed the layout of the house, making it a much more spacious and open, without changing the existing borders.

It was extremely important to perform a simple and functional residence in the content, because it belongs to the couple retired. For this reason, the architects abandoned the construction of the second floor, so as not to complicate the movement of the house residents.

In order for to make the residence more light and airy, new windows, doors and even holes in the roof were added, and extra walls and walls demolished. Protected courtyard offers a relaxing environment for outdoor recreation. High-quality finishing materials used to create a home atmosphere in the house and on the terrace, including natural wood, stone and limestone. And the fountains, fireplaces and other decorative elements only add warmth and charm of the residence.

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