18 Apr Quick guide: Minimalism in web design

Minimalism – type of design, according to which the GUI is not a complex structure and arrangement of the elements of content. In fact, it is aimed at improving the user interaction with the resources and involves the removal of “cumbersome” parts or unnecessary functionality, preventing the perception of usability.

Minimalism emerged from the known rules in an artistic environment of Ludwig Mies van de Roch less is more, which he mentioned in the theory of minimalist aesthetics. Designers, satiated with 3D, skeuomorph and realism, tried to find new ways to express themselves.

Пример минимализма

A huge number of “extra” visual elements gradually began to tire and make a nuisance in the GUI operation. It became clear that in the first place should be easy to go out searching for information, and not “flashy” and supposedly sophisticated design.

Special features minimalist interface:

-merger with a flat type design;

-not a significant presence of colors or monochrome;

-increase the negative (blank) space;

-bright expressed typography as a kind of contrast / emphasis in the interface structure.

Most of these principles are found today in every third site, but some of them, such as “disguised” navigation, occurs less often. This occurs due to the transition of the flat design of the so-called version 2.0, material design, where a convenient search does not depend on the minimalist trend.

In addition, some sites can be found, and such trends as:

-wide formatted multimedia files (photo \ video), which are a kind of contrast;

-use of the grid;

-spherical graphic elements.

Minimalism / user experience

Minimalism – a definite milestone in web design, radically changed the previous user experience. As a consequence, simplifying it affects the comfort of use of sites. But in the design environment is still controversy about the involvement of minimalism in usability and interface design has conducted.

Proponents of this trend the following arguments: minimalism affects the relevance of the resource and reduces its informational saturation. The smaller the “load” as incorrectly selected font or color-saturation, the easier people will be able to navigate the site and perform the necessary actions. In their view, in minimalism originally laid some aesthetic accent (feature), which has a positive effect on the perception of the graphical interface.

How to make productive use of minimalist design?

Пример дизайна сайта в минимализме

-Landing-Page. The site on which the content plays a major role could lose its potential, if it is absolutely clear functional elements that constitute it. A well-chosen fonts for lending page – one of the best ways to implement unobtrusive minimalism in the visual environment, without oversaturated its textures or animations.

-Heavy elements must be at the top and have more space between them. This will help users to not wait for it to start “heavy” content, for example, in the middle of the page and view it through.

-Bounded number of sections: content filling is important not to place more than 5 sections. But if the information does not fit, work through the structure in order not to make people rush among the huge flow of information.

-Start designing  minimalist with a “simplified version”. That is, first need to develop black and white version, and only then go to the color. This will help to keep the consistency and fix errors in two ways.

However, not all sites can “get along” with minimalistic interface. Here are some of them:

-Web resources with a children’s theme. Minimalistic interface unlikely “will appeal to” young audience members at least because it does not use additional “accents” in the form of colorful graphics or animation. Often children important visual component that will help keep their attention.

-Site with great content filling. A common example – online shopping, which is important for a clear information structure. Therefore, in the conventional sense of minimalism it will look like there is not quite appropriate. Where better to look sites such as Amazon or the Ebay, where there are separate features a minimalist interface: content clickable map. That is, as long as user data is not needed, they are hidden.

-Sites with the presence of advertising. We have already mentioned that the use of one specific characteristic features of minimalism. Therefore, a huge number of animated banner ads will not match the minimalist interface concept.

Examples of sites with a minimalist interface:






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