11 Feb Reconstruction of the house of the XIX century in Italy

The building of the XIX century in Chieti – a small town in the Abruzzo region in Italy – renovated by Italian architect Rocco Valentini. Originally part of the premises it was residential, the other part is occupied by the mill. During the time the house was complemented by annexes, and in the 80s of the last century they were actually deprived him of light and air. The aim of the project was the desire to breathe new life into the building by removing the redundant design.

Two old buildings, it was decided to link together using large insert, made of Corten-steel and glass. This form adds the modern dynamics of the traditional rural architecture of Abruzzo, and recalled the agricultural machines of the past. The uniting of the new checkpoint was located area with staircase.

The old walls are made of local sandstone and brick handmade, has a warm yellow hue. The colors for the interior materials were selected on the basis of similarities with rusty Corten-steel surface: floors are covered with dark brown tiles and stair treads and communicating area decorated with mahogany.

Brick arches emphasize the original agricultural character of the house, and the way through the box of steel and glass reminiscent of the passage through the time portal, which through its color and material as if anticipating the old premises.



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