17 Jan Round house maze in Okazaki

Japanese architects Studio Velocity for a young couple built in the suburb of Okazaki round tower next to the house of the parents of one of them.

Inside the white Chiharada House area of 110 square meters is quite unusual even for modern Japanese architecture plan, which includes a two-storey, four staircases, hidden in the white boxes of different sizes and heights, and a couple dozen windows and doors.


The main finding of the planning architects Miho Iwatsuki Domain and Kintaro Kungur became white cubes, which not only hide the stairs connecting the house, but zoned room and through the large windows and arched doors transmit part of the natural light that afternoon filled living room, from the top floor to the bottom. Here, on the second floor is the main entrance to the house, which leads to a spiral staircase outside.

One of the main architects of the project Miho Iwatsuki Domain said that the round house for a young couple, they decided to build, when it became clear that the stand it will be five meters from the house in which lived the parents of a young man: “The cylindrical shape of the construction, firstly, in contrast to square house parents and secondly avoids too comfortable situation “window to window.”

Despite the fact that in all the fabulous Tower in Japanese compact house, thanks to the ingenuity of architects and elaborate lighting systems, zoning and storage was very cozy and contain all that was necessary for its future owners of independent life.



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