09 Nov Shop from coffee glasses from design studio A-CH


Australian studio A-CH (“Atelier Chen Hung”, as often happens, the title contains the names of the two founders of the company) as its main field of activity of calls interiors for private houses and RETAIL-platforms, but the participation in art projects they do not confuses and guidance even encouraged. At the moment, their offices are located in two major cities – Melbourne and Brisbane.

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Because of love for the art studio is open for unusual ideas, that would seem to even dangerous to use in the business sector. Take, for example, a recent project design store specializing in the sale of books exclusively on the subject of food and beverages.

The idea of the interior design is based on the use of “speaking” of materials, that would have hinted at the theme of the place. And the main “ingredient” were most familiar paper cups from the coffee or tea offered at any cafe takeaway. If you think have really cups weight advantages like material – they are recyclable, environmentally friendly, have low cost, and most importantly – they are flexible enough to create any major shapes and objects. And indeed the culinary themes store pushed to this decision.



Shop turned out rather modest in size, due to the narrow specifics of books. Therefore, design paper cups bookshelves and ceiling creating small sculptures was more than enough. Due to lighting and bright spots in the form of green stools, and stripes on the floor it was very interesting.


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