18 Jan Technical innovations of mobile applications in 2016

Mobile applications have become one of the most popular topics for discussion in 2015. Even 5-7 years ago it was hard to imagine that the application on mobile devices as active can affect a person’s life, but today it is a reality. Work, communication, news, sports, travel – all of it now fits in your phone in the form of multiple applications.

This active interaction between smartphones and applications makes it possible to talk about the new technological developments, which do not keep us waiting in 2016. What trends will affect the development of mobile applications?



The fact that most of the application is subject to break-ins, and as a consequence, the loss of personal data, known to many. But most people do not even think about this question, downloading various applications on your smartphone. Unfortunately, unstable software security – an issue that can not be ignored.

According to statistics, data leakage exists in three of the four applications, and it is frightening data. If a user, this situation will cost “a little blood”, the civil servants and employees of large corporations can pay for imprudent use of the software is not only the loss of positions, but also the discovery of important data. So in 2016 it will increase the need for developers to be able to think about sound defense programs.

Applications for portable gadgets


We think that most people who are interested in modern technologies, heard about Apple Watch and “smart watches” on OC Android and Windows. Naturally, the interface designers can not stay away from such innovations, and almost monthly release applications for portable gadgets. Of course, this area has not been fully worked out, but we believe 2016 will be to everyone where to turn.

Moreover, there are all preconditions that wearable gadgets become not just an optional accessory (or, more often say about him – “expensive toy” with useless functionality “), and almost indispensable tool which will simplify the work with the software. Smart Watches of various shapes (round, square, rectangular), definitely make the designers express their imagination and create more advanced applications (the transition from native to hybrid versions, and creating animated interface is a portable device).

Internet of Things


Internet of Things – a relatively new concept, but had time to attract a lot of attention. In other words, an association of real and virtual worlds, which results in a kind of interaction between people and objects (equipment).
The transition from the Internet of people, which began in late 2008, the Internet of things had been widely anticipated event.

This trend is rapidly gaining momentum, and the high level of human interaction with items such as smart phones and smart clock outputs it to a whole new level. Mobile applications in 2016 will set high standards of development, increase growth synchronization objects, as well as the developers have paid a lot of attention to the security of each of them. And this application will be the link that will help bring the “Internet of things” to a new level, creating a more comfortable environment for contacts with the environment, thereby increasing the level of people’s lives.



New programming language Swift appeared in 2014, before it all developers to write HTML and C ++. Swift has quickly become increasingly popular, as many have been able to assess its simplicity and speed, essential when writing applications. In early December 2015, Apple will provide access to basic programming language code. Such a move would radically change the future of mobile applications because Swift now ranks 14th in the ranking Tiobe Index, and as they say in different sources, this is only one of the points of success.

Expected Perfect version allows you to create applications not only for smartphones but also for conventional PCs and servers, at times increasing demand for Swift. And, of course, the fact that Swift noticed Yahoo!, Vine, suggests that this will soon become a full-fledged programming language is a leader in developing mobile applications.


Standardization is not hard and fast rule, but a trend that helps to draw a parallel between the programs and platforms. Acting on established standards, you can simplify the work on the application still in the early stages (the assertion of colors, icons, the general appearance of the interface). In addition, it helps to minimize the errors and deviations from the key idea of the project.


Cloud applications, which are so often spoken in the IT-conferences will also have wide powers:

- they will occupy the main position in the field of programming it in 2016;

-will affect the size of applications, and they occupy the memory of the device;

-synchronization will be simplified and will be carried out much faster.

Mobile Applications and corporate


Many well-known companies and large corporations for years successfully used mobile applications in its activities. Medium-sized businesses and private entrepreneurs engaged less actively, but also the application, is gaining popularity, and can be integrated in this area.

Do the benefits of mobile applications? Rather yes than no. Applications will be able to coordinate all business processes and establish continuous communication with employees, and keep track of the growth curve of the company’s performance.

An additional plus for enterprise application development needs: help the brand (product) to become more accessible to users. People do not have to spend time searching for a site, and the company will be able to keep track of sales and audience, being able at any time to change the strategy of development.

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