22 Feb Ultimate guide: Augmented Reality for Android app development

The world around us is constantly changing, and it is not so simple as it seems at first glance. We must not only communicate and interact with each other, but also on the maximum use of the opportunities that offers us the environment. The latest technological developments allow using mobile devices on the Android and iOS platforms, re-discover the world with augmented reality applications.

In other words, augmented reality allows you to introduce information in the context of the reality that surrounds us, having involved in this technology. The term appeared in the 1990s of the last century to refer to combining elements of virtual and reality.

Today, with the increasing use of mobile devices, we can use this technology in many areas of life. Especially this is true because most people have a smartphone based on Android, IOS software or Windows. Augmented reality is literally in our hands, thanks to access to the AR-applications.

How to succeed in the development of applications for Androd, using the AR?

To become successful and was in demand among users who need a lot of time. There are many obstacles, so it’s important just to choose the operating system on which you intend to develop the application. If you are targeting on Android, it may provide some benefits. This platform is closed at least in terms of development, rather than iOS.

Although we have mentioned above that it is still difficult to achieve instant success with AR-applications, output is still there. Before the beginning of the product development, identify your target audience and potential users. Based on this, you will be able to monetize your app. You will also need competent marketing strategy to promote your product among users. The last point is crucial in dealing with investment in mobile applications.

User involvement, which is important to get on the AR-applications for Android, depending on the niche, for which it is designed. Do not forget that the application for the medical and educational sector will be radically different.

Of course, there are some popular niches are worth paying attention to. At least popular number of users can also be reduced, but they will be more loyal and are interested in your application.

In summary, answer how to succeed using AR in the application is quite simple. It is necessary to carefully approach the selection of the direction in which will be shown all the advantages of the AR, constantly test application, analyze statistics, and maintain customer loyalty to the product.

What type of Android applications suitable for augmented reality?

Augmented reality offers many opportunities for Android. That specific niches, increase the functionality of augmented reality and make it popular among users, regardless of whether it is entertainment or source of information.

Games. Games are most often used for Android application augmented reality. Possibilities of AR in gaming over great because they allow longer interact with the environment and each other, making it all realistic.

Marketing and advertising. There is a growing demand for applications with augmented reality and in the advertising field. For example, the Toyota in a recent video offers download the application of augmented reality on Android Mystery Stories, through which you can discover what is hidden under the hood of the car, without even opening it.

Tourism. This niche is also in demand for applications with augmented reality. Smartphone in this case can be a guide to the city. In this application, a key target will be a smartphone camera that will identify tourist sites, and will provide additional and detailed information about them.

Education. Opportunities, which is augmented reality in education, are extremely high. Especially when you consider that the younger generation is much faster than developing new information technology than their predecessors or parents. Moreover, it is the children become agents in the digital world, so why not send them to the knowledge with applications in the right direction?

Medicine and health. This niche is focused on professionals. A large number of health care workers have to constantly learn and improve existing knowledge, eg, physicians or surgeons. They can improve their skills with applications for a Nexus 6 or Samsung Galaxy tablet, and also to carry out surveys and even to treat patients.

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