04 Feb Ultimate Guide: How to Hire Qualified Virtual Reality Developers

As we have previously mentioned, virtual reality has penetrated into all spheres of our life and work for its benefit. In medicine, VR technology is used for the treatment of post-traumatic stress syndrome and relieving anxiety. In the educational environment of virtual reality helps students to gain experience, to which they have access in real life. That it makes learning interactive and fun. Hotel owners VR-show video from holiday destinations, allowing them to attract tourists to visit the institution.

It can be noted, this technique can be used in virtually any business. But the main task – to find competent developers of virtual reality. In this article we will give some tips on how to approach the selection of a specialist.

1. Pay attention to the team, with experience in game development

Developers who have a solid experience in game development, certainly aware of all the subtleties and nuances in the field of VR. Solutions for virtual reality similar to those used in the development of computer games. It is necessary to find professionals who know how to work with Unity or Unreal Engine, Photon, designers with experience in 3ds Max, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Photoshop, and the developer, who will be able to think through all the details of the user experience and make sure that they were organically for virtual reality.

If you need a virtual reality content for advertising, education or the medical sector, the choice of companies with extensive experience in the field of game development would be an advantage.

2. Interaction devices and content

It is no secret that the development of virtual reality is closely connected with the VR headset, which at the moment is getting bigger. New version of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive improved user experience possible. A developer has opened even more possibilities to create new realistic environment.

Developer should know all the details of the development and achievements of the latest technologies, and how the product is that it will not be displayed on any gadget. And, of course, he must give a clear answer, what virtual platform is right for your type of business before they start work on the project.

3. Pay attention to the outsourcing in the area of VR

 VR is one of the new areas of business. It is not surprising that you can not immediately find talented team in this environment. VR Those companies that have achieved success may simply leave you penniless, asking for too much money.

In our opinion, it is worth to pay attention to the team of developers and VR games from Eastern Europe, who have a lot of experience with art VR, Unity, Unreal, and other key technologies of virtual reality.

Outsourcing – this is quite a flexible system. You do not have to worry about finding personnel for the project, these charges can undertake IT outsourcing provider. Another advantage – no need to buy a license for the development of applications, as well as the need to test the headset. That is, you can type a command other than professionals, but making wise financial investment.

4. Pick up the staff who will be ready for active cooperation

Selection of the team – is only the first stage of the work. The next step – the creation of a joint content. This is followed by the launch of the project, but it does not stop. It is necessary to carefully monitor the work to make the necessary changes to create updates. This also has to deal with the development team, the testing of a new product, and its modification, if necessary.

5. Check the reliability of portfolio

Unfortunately, finding a team VR developers who have a large stock portfolio, is extremely difficult. But in order not to waste time, it is advisable to seek the teams already working on the creation of games.

Also, learn more about their experience with the technologies that are needed to work on your product. If you have a project that is under development, ask the team to present the prototype to see if they have a desire to cooperate with you.

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