28 Oct Ultimate guide: PlayStation VR

Today we continue our story about virtual reality headsets. It’s about PlayStation VR from Sony. This device can not fully compete with Oculus Rift or HTS Vive, as markets video game consoles and the PC are not connected to each other and intersect only in multi-platform program.

The major advantage of Sony headset is the ability to not buy an expensive computer. But the same lies and lack: users will have to settle is not very high-quality graphics. PCs with better visualization cost from $ 1,000 and above.

Начало эры виртуальной реальности: какую из VR-гарнитур выбрать?

We can assume that PlayStation VR – device middle class virtual reality, but at the same time, is able to deliver a lot of pleasant emotions. However, having tested at least once a headset is more expensive, you will feel the difference immediately.

Considering the possibility of the PlayStation 4, Sony designers had to come up with a little trick to improve the performance of the console for the VR-gadget. They used a calculation unit by connecting it to the console. In consequence of which have improved graphics and frame rate. This box must be connected to the console, which will cling PlayStation VR. Plus, such a solution is that the update frequency will increase to 120 Hz, which is not at the Oculus and Vive. If the creators want to change the frame rate to improve the image, you can use the frequency mode at 60 Hz.

Technical characteristics

Resolution of the device screen 1920 by 1080 pixels (960 by 1080 for each eye), the viewing angle is 100 degrees. Built-in headphone jack is not, so you can use your any modification (wired / wireless).

Another advantage of the PlayStation VR – image can be shown simultaneously on the TV screen, and through the headset. Sony also consider the option assinhronizatsii data: one player character is watching on TV, the other on the headset.

PlayStation VR released on October 13 this year. The price is $ 399, that is, much less than Okulus Rift and Vive.


-Lower price;

-Images simultaneously displayed on the TV screen and headset;

-The auxiliary processor comes;

-Asynchronous multiplayer;

-Frequency of updates to 120 Hz;

-Wide Viewing angle both horizontally and vertically;

-Support for many developers;

Exclusive for PS VR games.


-Graphics weaker than that of its competitors;

-Low resolution matrix;

-Need a PlayStation Camera;

-Lack of complete controllers PS Move.

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