04 Feb “Vertical” village in Tehran

The “vertical village” developed by Iranian designers Stuffing House Mehdizade, Raha and Mohsen Ashrafi Marizad collaboration with two companies: Zaad Studio and Marz Design. The plot for the construction of multi-storey residential building area of 32 thousand square meters. m located on Farman Street in Tehran, which had previously been famous for its fruit orchards, but over time has changed dramatically and was built skyscrapers.

Authors of the project decided to appeal to the radial geometry, which would contribute to the achievement of the circular review. cylinder was designed, consisting of several horizontal disc c a host of standard residential blocks.

Modules were mixed so that the resulting self-organizing would create some space, while maintaining the feeling of natural light and privacy. At the same time in between free areas on which it would be possible to organize small gardens and meeting places were provided. And for lighting discs were cut in several places, which helped even vertical integration between the residential blocks.

The appearance of the tower is seen as a semi urban space. The structure lacks a clear, obvious facade, representing a multi-level and dynamic way. An important principle is to improve the life in a skyscraper: the building is not simply pull up “box”, but rather a combination of villas, which are located on the elevated green areas.

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