04 Nov Web-design trends in 2016

It’s no secret that development of modern technologies generates constant change trends. This phenomenon was not spared side and the web design industry. For in it, as in any other field, there are certain trends that appear, disappear, or improved. But what can we expect from 2016?

web design trends 2016

Immediately, we note that significant, and the more revolutionary trends should be expected. With the familiar features remain, such individualization of visual content. That and customers, and designers try to move away from the use of products photobanks and apply for each site manually created content. (photos / illustrations / icons). This, in our view, the positive trend will be continued in the future.

2016 will give us even more opportunities to appreciate the benefits of “flat” or, as it is called, “semi-flat” design. Without a doubt, his advantages are minimalism and lightness, helping focusing only on the necessary information. The most striking example of this type – a material-design of Google, which originates from the flat-design.

Another trend that will go from 2015 to 2016, is a harmonious balance between visualization and text content site, so-called content.

In addition, increased attention design adaptability for different devices, so-called mobile-friendly. The trend started become more popular in the early 2015, but in 2016 he could take a leading role in the development of sites for the increasing number of users prefer fast surfing on the internet is mobile.

Number of fonts narrowed to one, but increased attention to typography. Consistency of this trend is to use simple fonts that will look better with the same material-design.

Gaining popularity and register on the site only through social networks. This trend is now actively tested many sites, but in 2016 has all chances to come out to the fore, replacing the long and often confusing, process.

Finally, let us remember also the card design, which first was actively used for website Pinterest. This template helps combine data into a single framework and optimized to run on different devices. Given these characteristics can confidently say that the card design as a trend is sure to appear in 2016.

That is to say instead conclusions? As we can see from this review, in 2016 becomes a year of progressive change, but will continue develop the positive trends (such as minimalism), which appeared in web design in recent years.


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