23 Jun Wrong ways to create UX

Work on the improvement of the user experience – one of the priorities for the designers that create websites or online stores. Since it is ease of use resource - key to the fact that users interested in the product and will again and again to give preference to you.

But if the interface is designed wrong and causes dissatisfaction visitors should immediately understand what lies the problem. In this article, we’ll discuss the basic mistakes UX and methods of their elimination.

1. Irrational use of ideas

Interesting ideas are welcome always. They help get recognisability and occupy its niche among the others competitors. But many designers do not have enough exposure in time to “slow down”, and to reserve the flow of creative ideas for other projects. As a consequence, there are sites with information overload / visual part. heir interfaces only distract potential users / customers on the purpose for which they originally came.

How to fix: Most great ideas are not always embodied. Beautiful images, layouts, interesting text is necessary, but you should always be able to keep their “future” or even abandon their use. Immediately after creating the site concepts objectively consider all of its strengths and weaknesses, but only with the eyes of the visitor.

Is there a logical transitions from one element to another, whether the text readable? Ask a friend to test your project and answer the following questions in detail: do discontent when dealing with the details of the interface appears, as far as they are clear, and whether the ones that negatively affect the user experience.

2. The absence difference between the UI and UX

Most people do not see the difference between these terms because of some similarities, but their meaning is completely different.

UI – external graphical shell experience: that is, as the user defines the relationship between the visual elements, and how it is displayed. UX is a direct interaction with the user interface of each of the parts.

Without a properly created UI, it can not be a successful experience with UX. But they developed a completely opposite way.

How to fix: the difference between the user interface and experience is evident. How to understand the course of action in the UI? By clicking on an element, the visitor receives a response (moving into a new section of the site). How to understand the course of action to UX? Site content should be displayed as the ideology of the company / brand, and be sustained in the same style.

Before you start work on the site, get its visual component (UI), and after you can proceed to the creation of interactive design elements (UX).

It is important to remember that the user interface and experience are equal in importance. Therefore it is necessary to conduct parallel development in these two directions.

3. Pop-up messages

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The days when pop-up messages on the screen was a trend in UX, an end. A common situation – you open the paper, and it was immediately overshadows the frame with a request to leave e-mail to the mailing or subscribe to social networks.

But the most annoying thing – block the message can not turn off immediately, or click “close” is to examine only under a microscope. In this case, much easier to close the site and look for an alternative.

How to fix: will now be beaten, but still true. Ask subscribe to the resource can be in other ways: for example, show the treatment after users have finished scrolling / read an article or post box with a side of the main information. But if you still see the need to place the pop-up a call to action, do it in comic form.

 4. Constant modification

Changes in the design of UX needed, when they can directly influence the growth of website conversion. However, too frequent change in the interface should not only be the norm because it is tired or, as an experiment.

We think many of you are familiar with Tumblr. Pretty simple example, when the constant updates and “flirting” with the improvement of the interaction, cause only irritation among users. As a consequence, some of them ceases to carry on their accounts.

How to fix: always check that all the modifications in the design of the site is really needed and does not impact negatively on the UX. Interested in the opinion of your target audience, conduct polls, because design is important primarily for users of the site, not just for the designer.

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