21 Apr Yangshuo Yun House: eco-friendly boutique hotel in China

In China, in the north-eastern part of the district of Yangshuo, is an eco-friendly boutique hotel Yangshuo Yun House, created on the basis of the area located in the village of architects ARES Partners. It consists of nine updated farm houses and new building – restaurant for hotel guests. Older mundane houses were modernized to them could lead a modern lifestyle.

The restaurant building used steel frame and glass revolving doors and windows, which contrast with the roughly hewn local stone, terracotta tiles and wooden shutters black. The visual relationship between the old and new buildings emphasizes the relationship between foreign innovations (the hotel) and the local tradition (village).

The same design principle underlies the design of interiors. Each model building consists of four guest rooms with a total space in the center for relaxing and socializing. Designers sought to bring the atmosphere of peace and tranquility in the interior space.

The main materials used for the interior – bamboo, wood, galvanized steel, concrete and gravel. Most of the old wooden beams and doors were repaired and used in the project.

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