About Us


DefinLine is a production and animation studio, providing high quality CG architecture visualisation,interior design, post production and related services.
A unique combination of 3D artists, graphic designers, researchers and other creatives coming together to work in a studio designed for artists by artists,
enables DefinLine to provide our costumers with tailor made high-quality content for prints,concept and architecture media campaigns, business presentations,
architectural visualizations and other highly specialized content, such as digital historical mid century housing reconstructions and similar institutions.
DefinLine was established in the beginning of 2015 and has since provided creative solutions to a wide range of local and international clients such as like
Evermotion, always making sure to recognize the client’s individual needs and create a tailor made product accordingly.
We pride ourselves in our flexible work process, which enables us to carry out projects in their entirety, from A to Z, or to step in to provide supporting services
for ongoing projects.

You have an idea for your project and want to order our services?