Unity Game Engine vs. Unreal Engine: pros and cons

Unity  Game Engine and Unreal Engine – two popular game engine with many features and functionality. Games like Pokemon Go, Angry Birds Epic, Wasteland built on Unity. In Unreal Engine developed Mortal Combat X, Batman, Mass Effect 2, and others.

These two engines, you can create almost anything. And, of course, between the two is difficult to make a choice, because each has both pluses and minuses. Before you make a final decision, it is necessary to answer the following questions:

-For what type of game engine needs?

-What platform will a game?

-How much time you can spend on the creation of the game?

-Is it important for you graphics performance?

-Will you earn a game?

In this article we will try objectively talk about Unity Game Engine and Unreal Engine advantages and disadvantages, and help resolve the dilemma, what engine is better.

Unity Game Engine


1. Unity has the best cross-platform integration. This allows the engine to introduce the game in the smartphone, virtual reality, desktop computers, console, TV, and web space. Unity supports platforms such as the Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Tizen, PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation Mobile, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, tvOS, Android Tv, and Samsung Smart TV. Already built-in support is available for the Oculus Rift, VR Playstation, Microsoft HoloLens and VR / Vive.

2. The engine is much more convenient for the development of virtual reality on mobile devices, for example, Cardboard.

3. Unity written in C #, which is much better used in Unreal Engine C ++. That is why the development process much more productive at Unity.

4. The structure of the engine easy to understand and run faster.

5. Unity has a large community with active forums where developers can find specialists who are able to solve almost any questions.

6. On the Unity forums easier to find qualified professionals in case your employee may not complete the work on the project.

7. Unity has a free version. And besides, you, as the customer will not have to pay for a license, when the game will be profitable


1. Unreal has a higher graphics performance and capabilities, rather than Unity.

2. Very slow rendering.

3. Unity provides the source code is not in all cases, and, in any case, you will have to pay for it.

Unreal Engine

1. Since Unreal Engine graphics performance have better characteristics, the engine for the creation of high-tech Triple-A game in which the primary role played by the achievement of optimal quality.

2. In the Unreal Engine, there are schemes like the blocks, so that even the artists without minimal knowledge will be able to use the engine in the field of programming. Also, this function is suitable for prototyping. But the main work will still have to use C ++.

3. Unreal Engine has more tools and functionality for a wide variety of situations, which is not in Unity. The latter contains a limited set of shaders, contrary to the Unreal Engine have visual editors.

4. Rendering technology is more efficient and faster due to the different functions than in Unity.

5. It is the best tool for the optimization of the game.

6. The Unreal Engine is represented by a visual debugging, through which you can control the development process and the amount of time spent on it.


1. In contrast to the Unity, you need a licensed copy of Unreal Engine, and pay the five percent tax after your game will be profitable.

2. Unreal Engine is not suitable for creating simple games, or for short-term tasks. Unreal is selected when the project is due to have a long life. But the cost of such work will be much higher than Unity.

3. At the moment, experts on UnrealEngine much less, so you should carefully deal with the team selection.

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