Little bit of history: development of 3D modeling

Three-dimensional graphics with each passing day more and more occupies a strong position in various fields of activity. One popular example – the emergence of the first films, albeit weak, but the 3d effect. The graphics in computer games also left much to be desired, but still managed to interest the public. But let’s start with the origins of the emergence of 3d.

Creator 3d graphics (modeling) is called Ivan Sutherland, who, as a graduate student, has created a program SketchPad. At the time this little app has made a clear sensation. When power SketchPad could create the first 3d model. Through this program, we have received a modern version 3d.

In the 1970s, Sutherland’s work continued to develop Ed Catmull, Jim Blinn, Phong Bi Thun methods of work with three-dimensional images and animation. Interestingly, first student development is not taken seriously, but later their isledovanija opened up new possibilities of using 3d.

And to this day in the visualization model uses materials such as Blinn, designed pancakes, lighting model Phong Shading, designed Fong, and many others.

With the passage of years, figures that are created in programs, become diverse: in addition to the usual geometric figures, and learned how to create a model with the location on the surface. Active work on surface modeling has borne fruit: the model began to appear different forms, including humans, animals, objects.

However, the complexity of the display of 3d models always raised the question of the feasibility of their display. It helped develop the physicists, who later formed the basis of different imaging methods model.

In the 1990s, era of personal computers and increase their power. Now it is possible to create programs available for modeling. And finally, it became available to the masses, and not only for a narrow circle of scientists or the film industry. Quick and easy development, affordability and the biggest requirements for computers popularized the three-dimensional graphics.

3d increasingly penetrates into the animation and web design, but because the market with programs like 3ds Max, Maya, SOFTIMAGE / XSI, LightWave 3D, and there are special plug-ins.

In engineering modeling, also originated in the 90’s, changes have taken place: from the constant use of “heavy” programs (CATIA, Unigraphics, Pro / ENGINEER) moved to a more “easy» 3d products (SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Inventor).

Картинки по запросу Solid Edge

And although the 3d graphics are not so long ago it became accessible to simple inhabitants, but it has made to the life of modern society a significant contribution.

It all started as a study, which became the basis for the huge discoveries in computer graphics, without which it is difficult to imagine a modern design. 3d modeling went a considerable way from the students’ development before the opening, overturned and densely penetrated into the life of each of us.

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