How to hire 3d design studio for outsoursing project?

3D design on outsourcing has recently gained increasing popularity. But how not to be mistaken and to choose for the project really sensible and professionally working studio? Portfolio of many of them, at first glance, looks impressive, but not all studios work quickly and qualitatively, which is so important for outsourcing (and for any) project.

That is why perfect work should become a kind of signal that the studio should be looked at with a double attention, because the final results can radically differ.

So, what should I look for when choosing 3d design studio?

1. Send TK your project to the studio was able to assess the extent of the work.

2. Learn about the received education of studio designers.

3. Discuss each stage of the workflow. Make sure you understand each other correctly. A studio with work experience will also offer to build a clear structure of work. In addition, you need to be able to contact directly with the contractor, not through managers.

4. Agree on how to make changes to the workflow. The main thing is that all edits are brought into the project promptly.

5. Specify whether there is a library of ready 3D models. Working with them speeds up and simplifies the process. Use these resources to get effective results.

6. Do not use only one communication channel. In the work on the project, every detail is important, so do not discuss it with the designer verbally. Make sure that the studio is aimed at keeping correspondence. So you can be sure that each of the goals will be fulfilled.

7. Offer designers to perform the test task. The team, which is ready for long-term cooperation and is confident in its own professionalism, will easily execute it.

8. Unobtrusively, but regularly check how the work on the project is proceeding. Agree that you will be provided with results before the deadline. So you will know that the process proceeds without failures.

9. Pay for the employees. When working on your project with a new studio, make sure that the results you obtained are completely satisfactory. And only after that make a payment at the agreed price.

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