Cocos2D-X: pros and cons

Cocos2D-X: pros and cons

If you are dealing with the development of mobile games, you will no longer be useful to the various codes and SDKs for various platforms and devices that have been selected by you as a target for your product. It takes only Cocos2D-X.

Cocos2D-X. What is it?

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Cocos2D-X – a cross-platform that supports the API, the original structure, and allows you to use a variety of programming languages ​​such as C ++, Lua, JavaScript and C #. With Cocos2D-X can develop games for Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as mobile operating systems (IOS, Android, Windows Phone), and stationary, (Win32, Linux, Windows 8, Mac OS X).

Unlike other cross-platform on JavaScript / HTML5 based in Cocos2D-X embedded graphics API OpenGL ES, thereby enhancing the performance of the application on the device.

Free software

Another distinct advantage Cocos2D-X that you can not spend vast sums on the licensed version, it can be used free of charge. Cross-platform working with the MIT license and is supported by the user community. Developers have full access to the games they create.

As the system is developed in C ++, the kernel smaller, whereby it works faster than other game engines. Also, cross-platform works on all kinds of devices, including on budget devices with Android.

Games developed on Cocos2D-X, can serve as an example of high quality. For example, this Badland, Castle Clash, Big Fish Casino or Dragon City Mobile.

Software Development Kit for Cocos2D-X includes the following tools:

1. Cocos2D-X is connected to the engine in C ++. This makes it possible to create applications in C ++, and thereafter for IOS applications, Android or Windows Phone.

2. Cocos2D-X has a complete software suite, which includes Cocos2D-X, Cocos2D-HTML, JSB, and command-line interface to create applications using JavaScript.

3. Code for cross-platform is Eclipse. This is a modified development environment, through which programming and the elimination of errors in Cocos2D-JS and Lua were easier and faster.

4. Coco Studio – is a kind of set of tools for creating graphical user interface, as well as skeletal animation, which you can import Flash files.

Limits of features Cocos2D-X

After listing the undeniable merits of the cross-platform, I would say about its apparent limitations. First and foremost is the lack of ability to create 3D games, it is clear from the name of the engine. For 3D is perfect Unity.

Another omission – ineffective platform support forum where difficult to quickly get an answer to the right question. The current support team solves problems on a common basis, a little delving into the essence. If you need premium tools, experts react fairly quickly, but if you need the free, that is open source, it all depends on the willingness of the community of programmers.

In conclusion we can say that thanks to Cocos2d-X, you can create great 2D games that will be different high functionality and performance. But a key flaw of the engine, because of which it is impossible to create 3D games, will always prevail, as it was the last game are more in demand today

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