Architectural Visualisation – a picture of objects developed in a computer program: landscapes, buildings, interior design and different items.

Visualisation – one of the most informative form of presentation of the project. And, as a consequence, it is used in various fields: construction, architecture, advertising, as well as the creation of interior and industrial design.

Advantages of visualisation

3D imaging has a number of advantages in contrast to other forms of presentation of the project (model, manual operation, and the like):

-A three-dimensional model is easier to make changes. This is an additional opportunity for the development and consideration of several options.

-Large level of realism and detail, the high probability of transfer of material properties.

-With the help of visualisation can be most accurately reproduce the drawings to place the desired object in a specific plane.

-3D Visualisation allows you to show the specificity of lighting based on the path of the sun, the inherent latitude and longitude, but also, to an accuracy of passes artificial light.

Why need a visualization?

Three-dimensional visualization can be used in the following cases:

-For comprehensive review and comparison of projects;

-For the choice of finishing materials;

-To create interior lighting systems, landscape lighting and exterior;

-For more expressive presentation of the project to the customer.


What we need to work on the project?

Before you begin, you need to send e-mail studio terms of reference for the project. Based on data from terms of reference , will assess the cost and deadlines. Terms of reference for the visualization of the exterior must include such drawings:


-facades of buildings;

-plans of all floors and a roof;

-building in cuts;

-general plan of the area with the location of each of the elements and the indication of specific points;

-selection of finishing materials and textures with an indication of their location;

-images / photos of parts of furniture facades of buildings with an indication of dimensions;

-images / pictures of objects located in the territory, with an indication of dimensions;

-Image / photo works in a similar style of decoration.

The more accurately and competently prepared the terms of reference will be, the faster and more efficient will be the result. The practice of our architecture allows the studio work on the order even if the amount of information will be insufficient, but cost of the project will be discussed individually.

We are always ready for mutually beneficial alliance with the customers and are interested in the fact that the project was completed. Changes can be made at any stage of the project, but not more than two or three times. Price revisions will be made to the overall cost of the project. If it is necessary to make radical adjustments, such as alterations in the structure or the overall structure, then they are charged separately and not in conjunction with the overall project.