Our studio provides various services in the field of interior design: from the development of projects for residential buildings to create architectural and design of commercial buildings. We provide both advice and design projects, based on the individual’s wishes.


Services of studio:

-Сonsultations of designer;

-Create design projects and technical drawings of the object;

-3D-Visualisation of interiors;

-Support of project.



Consultations of designer

There are times when there is no need for the creation of drawings, only consulting help is needed. After reading your questions, we will try to provide competent assistance and illuminate the topic of interest in detail. The view from the side will always find the right solution on the way to implement the idea.

We will be able to bring together all parts of interior and imagine how it will look in a holistic room.


Development of design project

Extensive design project in addition to the primary interior space designs and technical drawings for decorating team and holds a set of blueprints for the construction team (ceilings plans / floor, drawings for electrical, material consumption, and many other documents).

Detailed project will assess the complexity of the work, the timing and the amount of resources needed. Taking into account your wishes, our studio can develop a project for you with the right level of detail.


3D-visualisation of interiors

Three-dimensional visualization – this is an excellent opportunity to see future interior long before the commencement of works. Computer technology has long gone ahead, and allow you to visualize the project plans that are virtually indistinguishable from photographs.

With the help of 3D-visualization is much easier to solve the problem of selection of decorative elements for the interior: tiles, wall colors and a variety of other details.



Support of project

The designer does not depart from affairs to order the surrender. It is important to monitor the implementation of all stages of repair and finishing works. That is why the responsibility of the designer of our studio includes a so-called support of the project, through which all the work will be carried out strictly in accordance with the specified time frames.


Why choose us?

-Guaranteed high quality and speed of execution of the project;

-Consultations of designer before, during and even after the completion of the work;

-Adequate pricing system that takes into account all the features of the future facility.




To order the interior design services, please contact us at mail or in Skype (Definline).