Product Design (UX / UI)


No matter how interesting the application in terms of functionality, it is problematic to captivate the user interface if it will cause misunderstanding. The application must be convenient, cause positive emotions, and the desire to use it again and again.

Our studio is engaged in the development of applications, fully matching the wishes of customers, adhering to the basic principles, and have been able to declare itself a creative and individual approach to each project.

What services are offered by our studio:

-development UX for B2C- systems and B2B;

-creating UI mockups for mobile applications;

-development of graphic content (UI) for Web resources and applications;

-perform layout and responsive design.


How it services UI / UX design are offered?

Before the beginning of the development of the design, we analyze business goals and target audience of the application. That is why we understand who will be focused on our product, how it will be used, where and when.

Answers to these questions – an important part of the design process and the successful UI / UX design. After the final stage of the work our designers are engaged in testing of UI / UX design application, to make sure that it – the quality of the sample.

If the test shows that the use of the application, it may improve for a successful user experience, we will not retreat one step back development. But only in order to present a truly perfect app!

The potential of our studio and creative imagination will always come to your rescue! Take advantage of the professionalism and experience DefinLine studio employees to take advantage of!

To find out the exact cost of the work, you can contact our office, or send an email