Top 7 best 3D Design Studios

Sphere 3D design is becoming more competitive. But nevertheless there are studios, which manage to lead among others and win world fame.

The portfolio of these studios and the clients they work with are impressive and make them known in the international arena. In this article, we presented a list of 7 3D design studios in an arbitrary order, which, in our opinion, deserve special attention.


SoftKinetic is a studio that develops hardware and software for recognizing gestures on cameras operating in real time. It was founded in 2007.

The studio offers solutions for gesture recognition, for interactive and digital technologies, consumer electronics, fitness and the gaming industry. The technology of the work of Softkinetic is used in interactive digital advertisements, television and physiotherapy.

Platie Image

This company was founded in Poland in 1997. Her specialization is computer graphics, 3D animation and digital special effects in images. The main direction of the company is advertising, films, as well as projects in the educational sphere.

The studio staff includes about 150 artists, including directors, designers, art directors, producers. Platige has received 200 awards and prizes, and besides four awards from the Best of Show awards at the SIGGRAPH festival and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) award. She was also nominated for an Oscar.


DefinLine is a production and animation studio, providing high quality CG architecture visualisation,interior design, post production and related services.

A unique combination of 3D artists, graphic designers, researchers and other creatives coming together to work in a studio designed for artists by artists, enables DefinLine to provide costumers with tailor made high-quality content for prints,concept and architecture media campaigns, business presentations, architectural visualizations and other highly specialized content, such as digital historical mid century housing reconstructions and similar institutions.

DefinLine was established in the beginning of 2006 and has since provided creative solutions to a wide range of local and international clients such as like Evermotion, always making sure to recognize the client’s individual needs and create a tailor made product accordingly.


Duck Studios is a production studio located in Los Angeles, California. The studio is focused on the production of television commercials, in most animation.

She also works on music videos, short films and web content. Duck covers a wide range of services: character design, 2D and 3D animation, design and styling of movies, and much more. One of the founders of the studio was the designer Roger Chouinard.

Department of Motion Graphics

This studio is located in Oakland, New Zealand. She specializes in creating and developing animation solutions for advertising, broadcasts and films. In their work they use a combination of traditional and computer technologies, as well as mixing 2D and 3D elements. Department of Motion Graphics is known for its distinctive features in working with many customers and brands.

Resident Creative Studio

This studio is based in New York and is a group of artists and designers who are engaged in solutions for 2D, 3D and animation in films, commercials, video clips and web content. From the original concept to the final stage of the work, they completely lead the project: they write, draw, project, film, animate and edit it. The studio works for the world’s leading advertisers and content producers.

Austin Visuals

This 3d animation studio is located in Austin (Texas). Their specialization is the creation and development of high-quality 3D animation, architectural visualization, advertising, web advertising, videography and visual content for local and global customers.

Austin Visuals works with NASA, Texas University, Smithsonian and Boston Consulting Group. The staff of the studio includes some of their most creative and experienced artists in this field.

Austin Visuals, as evidenced by numerous reviews, very carefully and professionally applies to each client and task. According to the customers, the final version presented by the studio was several times better than the original concept.

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